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Vicariat Apostolique de Mongo

Created in December, 2001, the Apostolic Vicariate of Mongo is an administrative territory of the Roman Catholic Church which covers widely Islamized regions in the North and the East of Chad. This region of 540,000 km² extends from the Libyan border to Sudan and the Central African Republic.

Our young Church has now joined our diocese-brother, N'Djamena, and six other dioceses in the South of the country, where the population is mainly Christian. By its geographical location and by the peoples who live in it, the Apostolic Vicariate of Mongo is a “frontier Church": between desert and grassy plains; between nomadic and sedentary populations; between Arabic ethnic groups and black Africans; between Islam, Animism and Christianity; between Christians in the North and those in the South.

It is now our calling to go out and support the less than 1% minority of Christians in our immense territory, whilst remaining close to the 95% Muslim population with our presence, our testimony and our services. Our church is a church of “life dialogue” and of collaboration when it comes to common needs such as water, food, health, education and peace. The Apostolic Vicariate of Mongo takes an active role in the development of the region, which is next to Darfur, and is particularly mindful of the refugees and the misplaced. 

Due to its geographic location and the people who live there, our diocese is truly a “frontier church”.

Political frontier between Libya, Sudan and the Central African Republic
Ecological frontier between Saharan, Sahelian and Sudanian climate zones
Ethnic frontier between nomads and villagers, between Arabs and black Africans
Denominational frontier between 95% of Muslims, 4% of Animists and less than 1% of Christians
Ecclesial frontier between native Christians (rural from Guéra), non-native Christians (soldiers and civil servants from the Southern region of the country)

Aura Chad

Born of the Church of Mongo, its president is Henri Coudray, who is assisted by Father Franco Martellozo. Daily management is handled by Sakin Ramat. Katir Néné brings his 15 years of technical expertise in the construction of wells.

Back row from left to right: Arabi Hamit (driver 1), Jacques Djibrine (BdC2 coordinator), Dimanche Gayé (programme manager), Routoubam Nérab (administrator), Sister Ximena Cabezas Arenas (library services coordinator)

Front row: Emmanuel Ramat (assistant library services coordinator), Hassan Ahmat (driver 2), Katir Néné (BdC1 coordinator) and Sakine Ramat (manager)