Our missions


Pastoral wells

Thanks to the construction of pastoral wells (50 - 60 m deep), we help ensure that both villagers and nomadic stock breeders have access to a water supply. These wells for the use of villagers come with three drinking troughs for the nomads’ animals.

Since 2011, we have financed the construction of gardening wells (10 m to 15 m deep), built at the request of the Chadian women, who wish to expand their gardening work.

This activity brings a significant amount of vegetables to feed their families and, when it is possible, additional income thanks to the money they earn by selling the surplus of vegetables at the market.

The construction of each well is always co-financed by the village through the supply of workers, local accommodations and technical support provided by Aura Chad. Aura France finances and transports all raw materials (gravel, cement, concrete reinforcing bars…) and all necessary equipment for the drilling and the construction of wells.

Cereal Banks

These banks serve to provide cereal loans to tide farmers over between two harvests. This type of loan is becoming more and more frequent and enables farmers to avoid money lenders, who do not hesitate to ask to be reimbursed twice the amount of the initial loan. Each bank is co-managed by a Muslim and a Christian who ensure that the loans are restored during the new grain harvest.

We count on Misereor for the actual construction of the bank. As for us, we manage the cereal supply: sorghum, millet, etc.

Agricultural High Schools

To combat the exodus of the Chadian youth towards cities, we built agricultural high schools that tutor them and give them the possibility to stay on their lands and increase their productivity. Around these high schools, students, with their parents, cultivate a kitchen garden for the teachers when necessary.