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La Fondation Lemarchand

The Lemarchand Foundation for the Balance between Mankind and the Earth strives to restore balance between mankind and the Earth by supporting projects of communities in France and in countries in the Southern hemisphere (the Sahel, Madagascar and Latin America in particular) favoring:

- The preservation and the development of ecological lifestyles: support for the agrobiology and for its actors, the protection of abandoned rural zones, natural handicrafts, and for the Southern hemisphere, agricultural projects, sources of energy, technological transfers…

- A higher consideration for nature in all human activity – food supply, health, well-being

- Intergenerational social solidarity with those in a precarious situation (by disease, a handicap or exclusion): shared gardens in the cities, retirement homes, hospitals, schools, integration gardens, therapeutic gardens…,

- The reasonable use of nature (mountain, ocean and forest) by human activities (climbing, surfing, hiking, look-out posts)

- Entrepreneurial initiative both social and ecological

- Dialogue between actors representing the world of nature and those representing civil society, the initiation of Foundation networks working toward the same objectives, lobbying and mediation

The Lemarchand Foundation has been taking part in the project in Chad since 2009 with Christian Imbert in the financing of gardening wells as well as of other projects. See Unis Vers Tchad.

See the website of the Foundation in France